Thursday, January 27, 2011


Cleaned up, corporation progress
Dying in the process
Children that can talk about it
Living on the railways
People moving sideways
Sell it till your last days
Buy yourself the motivation
Generation nothing,

Nothing but a dead scene

Product of a white dream
I am not the singer that you wanted, but a dancer
I refuse to answer, talk about the past, sir
Wrote it for the ones that want to get away.

Keep running
Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls

Every time that you lose it sing it for the world

Sing it from the heart

Sing it till you're nuts

Sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts

Sing it for the deaf

Sing it for the blind

Sing about everyone that you left behind
Sing it for the world, sing it for the world

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Vivir no es sólo existir,
sino existir y crear,
saber gozar y sufrir
y no dormir sin soñar.
Descansar, es empezar a morir.